Covered by Grace — 4 Comments

  1. Oh, my sweet, sweet friend, I would love to just hug you and your beautiful little girl right now. I cannot imagine the pain or anger you experience. Know, like you said, though, that God has such an amazing plan. I know your mom and dad are so proud of the beautiful woman you’ve become. They are cheering you on from Heaven and I know without a doubt that when they look at the way you are raising your children to love God, they are smiling ear to ear. I love you!

  2. Oh, Jamie, my mom has been one 2 yrs, and I woke up this morning thinking and feeling these same things. My boys were 19 and 13 when she left us, so I am thankful they have deeply seated personal memories. But, if we see hand cleaner, smell Jergens’ lotion, or sit at the Sunday dinner table, she is there. Breathtaking pain mingles with laughter laced memories. Your folks came to life in your written words. So did my mom. Thank you.

  3. Tears here – we have similar conversations with Sophie about her grandpop. The conversation never gets easier. {{hugs}} sweet friend!

  4. Amazing! Such a wonderful reminder that God can give us peace and we can KNOW that His plan IS the best no matter how much it hurts.