Farther Along We’ll Understand Why — 5 Comments

  1. I echo so much of what you’re expressing. A dear friend sent me this encouragement this morning:

    Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit. (John 15:2)
    This is a precious promise to one who lives for fruitfulness. At first it seems to wear a sharp aspect. Must the fruitful bough be pruned? Must the knife cut even the best and most useful? No doubt it is so, for very much of our Lord’s purging work is done by means of afflictions of one kind or another. It is not the evil but the good who have the promise of tribulation in this life. But, then, the end makes more than full amends for the painful nature of the means. If we may bring forth more fruit for our Lord, we will not mind the pruning and the loss of leafage.
    Still, purging is sometimes wrought by the Word apart from trial, and this takes away whatever appeared rough in the flavor of the promise. We shall by the Word be made more gracious and more useful. The Lord who has made us, in a measure, fruit-bearing, will operate upon us till we reach a far higher degree of fertility. Is not this a great joy? Truly there is more comfort in a promise of fruitfulness than if we had been warranted riches, or health, or honor.
    Lord Jesus, speedily fulfill Thy gracious word to me and cause me to abound in fruit to Thy praise!

    • You know, our Pastor followed testimony time with a very short sermon about something similiar–about GROWING and USING your influence for Christ. And about how the Lord gives us influence and blessings (and challenges!) in life to grown in service TO HIM, not for ourselves, but for HIS good purpose. And joy comes in being fully present in HIS will for our lives. I have been following directions, but I have certainly not been “fully present” in His will. I think I’ve been kinda hanging back to see if He’d like to change His mind. {smile}

  2. Thanks for being open and sharing your heart. I’ll be praying for you. And good for you for submitting! That’s often the hardest part.

    I have never heard that hymn, but there is a song written by a guy who used to go to my church (he has since moved and started his own record label) by the same name, Farther Along. I was curious about the hymn. As I began reading the words I found that the chorus is the same! Josh often takes old tunes and reworks them, but that’s not the case here. The chorus is the same, but the rest of the lyrics are different.

    Farther Along happens to be my favorite song off this particular album, “Love and War and the Sea In Between.” Maybe it will bless you as well. It speaks to the same message. If you’ve never heard of it, here’s the You Tube link, but you can listen to it on his site as well. Josh Garrels~ Farther Along…

    • Wow–what a creative heart! I think you’re right that he sort of took the message from the old hymn and gave it his own voice. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Love this post and I love your heart, sweet friend. Praying that you’ll continue to see His blessings in the little things and rest in Him.