Pet Licensing — 5 Comments

  1. yikes!! Our license fee is $15 per animal and they have to be neutered. No exceptions. {not sure how breeders get around that??!}. They tell us here in town it’s so they have a record and help with a lost animal. I pay the fee every year and fume quietly about it.

  2. LOL My big problem is that my city and a LOT of cities in the area no longer permit chickens…AT ALL… SERIOUSLY all I want is a SMALL coop in the backyard for a few hens…but no I can’t have that…I guess it may be “disturbing” to my neighbors…you know the neighbors that have cats walking through/lying and shedding on my porch/ yowling in the middle of the night, and leaving paw prints on and scratching my truck…

    Yeah those neighbors grrr…

  3. I’m starting a new blog hop! Every Thursday night I will post Farm Fun Friday. I’d love it if you came and linked up every week.


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