Grieving and Garden Fences — 7 Comments

  1. I just love the picture of your three children standing there watching you work on the chainsaw. It is timeless.

  2. {{hugs}} sweet friend. Grief is a journey for sure, and there is no *right* way to grieve. As someone who cried last week (and it’s been 13 years) I get this. Praying for you and for those who are grieving.

    • I like to think that I have been blessed to grow through everything that has happened to us. Slowly, maybe. Painfully, definitely. And I’m certainly not done yet. But I hope others who grieve will also be able to experience that. It can grow you, or ruin you.

    • I’ve had to learn that things are not good or bad in their own right, but that all things can work to His good purpose if you allow them to!

      • Thank you for sharing. I needed to hear this again…and again….and again. Thank you for the sweet scriptures also.