The Next Time You See This It Will Be 2026… — 3 Comments

  1. Wow – that does seem quick! Whew – it’s like we blink and they will be in high school. Be still my heart!!

    You could do a shadow box for him – with double sided tape/sticky dots it’s easy to add the items in and that way they can be displayed 🙂

    • Yes, I’m thinking something like that. I don’t think he’s really going to care as he grows up, but it’ll be nice for a while. And I did get a couple really good pictures of him with his teacher that I DO think he’ll like later on.

  2. Our oldest will graduate college July 2014. When she does I am putting together pictures of Kindergarten, High School and College. Wow! It is amazing how fast time flies! We have our second entering 11th grade and our baby in 9th.
    Our school stopped doing 8th grade “gradutation” because so many kids ended up dropping out of school their freshman year. I guess they thought they were done! oh boy. Now they call it promotion.
    Cowboy looks very handsome and serious! Nice job mom and dad!

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