Real Life Homeschooling — Learning While Camping — 13 Comments

  1. Next camping trip may I suggest learning about the healing properties of plants and how to identify them. What a great way to learn about how God created all the plants with a purpose

    My boys are homeschooled and in high school now, they would never go for it. I wish I was learning about herbs during their younger years.

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    • That’s a great idea! I did introduce them to yarrow while we were out there, because it’s one I’m familiar with–and I just Pinned a post all about it so I had lots of info to share. That’s great information for them to know to be woods-wise as well if they’re outdoors alone.

    • I think everyone has good days and bad days, but most everyone I know who homeschools wouldn’t change it. Thanks for stopping by to visit.

  2. Loved it! Even tho’ I’m not a camper, I pinned this one to my camping board!

    • It’s funny, we focus on teaching THEM, but we have learned so much too! We just started reading Blood on the River about Jamestown the other day and when it was bedtime, I said we would read more the next day and lunch and Mr. Fix-It said, “Hey, I don’t want to miss it!” We’ve revived our own interest in the subjects we study with them.

  3. We love to learn & explore while we’re camping and hiking too. For us, the big E is definitely a part of all those discussions!

    • And it fits so seamlessly. The kids are completely receptive because they don’t feel like it’s a “lesson” or a “lecture.”