What Does “Lamb Harvest” Mean? — 3 Comments

  1. It is amazing to us, farming in Britain, how much freedom you have, not just from the authorities but from public opinion which is very squeamish and often ignorant about where our food comes from. If we allowed our lambs to be slaughtered on our land, especially by people seen as foreigners, we would have protesters chaining themselves to the railings and lying down in the lane. We are not allowed to control the foxes using dogs since the hunt ban and in England there are protests going on at present to prevent the department of agriculture from culling badgers which are thought to carry TB to the dairy herd.

  2. Wow Jamie — that is so cool and beautifully written. I would buy my food from you if we lived nearby. And Greeks like their lamb, too.

    • Yes, we had fun making contacts with some folks at the Greek Festival last year. I feel like we could sell 4 times as much lamb as we raise right now if I had the time and energy (!) to run that many animals. There’s definitely demand for it. {smile} And the cultural exchange has made it such a rich experience for us!