Roosters…the Daily Farm Adventures — 4 Comments

  1. I can’t understand how people can say that chickens have no personality. I find each and everyone to have lots of personality. Yours are a mess just like mine. I have been blessed with ending up with about 10 roosters and don’t have the heart to put any in a pot..
    Thanks for posting over at Farmgirl Friday..
    Dolly of

    • A mess…yes! 🙂 I adore sitting around watching our chickens peck and carry on around the yard. It’s soothing and entertaining at the same time. They each have a way they “conduct” themselves in the group and definitely their own personality.

  2. I also love hearing a rooster crow – just not at 2 o’clock in the morning! Heavens to Betsy not at 2 AM!!!! Haha. My sister had a rooster once that guarded the coop just like a dog would guard a master – he was okay with whatever you did, until you wanted to go into the coop. Then his eyes would roll back into his head and he would become a zombie eat your brains out rooster – which made it quite difficult to collect eggs! He had the last laugh, though. When she cooked him in a casserole, his flesh turned out to be the toughest and stringiest chicken meat you would ever come up against!
    Have a great weekend! Cheers!

    • Figures, huh? 🙂 I can’t stand the way the free-range roosters we’ve had began to see the WHOLE YARD as their territory and were actually sneaky. They’d intentionally WAIT until your back was turned and then fly at the back of your legs. Grr! These fellas are behaving so far, but I have zero tolerance at this stage.