10 Books for RUBY…Valentine Surprises — 5 Comments

  1. How fun to find so many “Ruby” books! These are great ideas for special gifts–I had never thought of doing that when our kids were small. Maybe it’s an idea to keep in mind now for the Grandkids! I’m blessed to be your neighbor over at #LMMlinkup!

  2. I love the name Ruby and with no daughters to call Ruby, I named my gorgeous black cat Ruby instead. Sadly she can’t read:( but it’s nice to know there are plenty of books for a little girl called Ruby:)

    • It’s a family name. 🙂 Funny how I never considered it before we were expecting, and now I can’t imagine having named her anything else!

    • Right?! I have trouble finding anything with my Cowboy’s name too. (This time I actually when with a “Cowboy” book because I couldn’t find anything with his real name!)