In Which I Quietly Survive…Grieving and Growing — 5 Comments

  1. I so relate – it is the living without. Can’t stop the sighs for my daughter who went to be with the Lord unexpectedly a month ago. I read another’s story and she said grief was like living around a big black hole that never goes away and my job is not to fall in it. I am only able to stay on the path and avoid it through being in the Word and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide me. Some days it is hard to remember that we were made for eternity, and my heart aches and I sigh for lonliness. Other days a verse of scripture or an understanding comment like yours makes me long for heaven, but willing to try living without.

    • It’s such a long journey…sometimes I have to remember that it’s ok to just be sad. And it’s ok to just be ok. Thanks for stopping by. It’s hard for one heart to understand the pain of another, but it’s important to remember that as alone as we feel, we’re not. We can’t walk each other’s path, but we can walk beside each other.

  2. May I walk silently beside you in this shared grief today? Both of my parents are gone now, too, my precious father at Christmas time and coming up on this first Fathers Day without him…I’m daily surprised (stunned?) at the many, many ways I miss him and that reminds me that I miss Mom as well. You’ve put into words so well that grief process. So I’ll walk beside you if you don’t mind – me in my part of the world and you in yours – with God surrounding us, and seeking lighter days. God bless you