What I Should Have Said…Grieving and Growing — 4 Comments

  1. So I mus t breathe when I’d rather die. Thank you for sharing your pain, so closely mirroring mine. I lost my daughter suddenly to a massive stroke. She was the sunshine in that family. I think you nailed my loss in that I struggle to understand what purpose from such pain, but who am I to demand understanding from a Holy God. Grief is love with no where to go. So true.

    • Sending love and prayers…such a tough, tough thing! Sometimes the answer is simply “Because God said so.” We all hate it, but when GOD says it, it is, and what can we do about it? It’s comforting to remember that we might not understand it, but we can have Faith that He promises only good things for us. I don’t know how it’s good, but He promises that it is.

  2. What a transparent way to talk about your regret about not saying something at the funeral. I was not invited to my grandmother’s or my father’s last year. I have many regrets. But, I have asked God to let me see them with his eyes. From that, I’ve been able to move on and forgive both myself and him (adopted dad). We still have eternity in Heaven. Thank you for sharing!

    • I can only imagine the pain that must cause! Regret is a strong, but very negative emotion and I find it’s one I have to surrender over and over again when I realize I’ve picked that burden back up again. I cried the whole time I wrote this post, but sometimes just facing it by saying it outloud is a big step in letting it go. Prayers for you, for healing.