Spring Cleaning is Overwhelming (Here’s a Few Helps)…the Daily Farm Adventures {78} — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve missed your posts! I’m a deep cleaner by nature, I love getting everything really clean, but I hate doing the maintenance cleaning. I drive my husband crazy, because of the huge mess I make before it gets cleaned. I’m also in the purging mood now, and going through things in the house. I don’t know how or why I keep the things I do. But it feels so much better to start getting rid of things. And I have to purge at least twice a year. Each time it feels like I’m getting everything, but I still find stuff the next time. Anyway, glad you’re back! (Oh and, I use peppermint oil on my floors, helps deter ants, and I’ve used olive oil and lemon juice on leather, it works great!)

    • Thank you for the kind words! I don’t know how the stuff constantly accumulates, but I get fed up and start pitching everything! My husband loves it, but the kids get nervous and starting hiding stuff under their pillows so it doesn’t get “gone.” LOL. Thanks for the tip about the leather cleaner, I’ve been a little nervous to try it, but I’m tired of the store stuff that has who-knows-what in it.

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