Letting the Work Provide the Rewards — 6 Comments

  1. What a great twist on ‘natural consequences’ I’ve used natural rewards but never thought to coin the phrase. I love the phrase. Thanks for sharing on Friday at the Fire Station – I am your neighbour.

  2. Wow! Hit home at exactly the stage we are at right now. Thank you so much for the fresh and positive perspective, along with the practical examples.

  3. Wish I had been taught this way instead of the reward was avoiding punishment (physical), so most chores/tasks were done with a bad attitude and no sense of pride or accomplishment. Probably why it’s still hard for me to work around the house.

    • That’s tough! There’s a place for discipline, but that can really make work a drudgery. One thing I hate is the mindset that “life is just work, get used to it.” Life IS work, so we should make the most of it. There’s nothing wrong (and everything right!) about a good day’s work well done!

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