Great Football Movies for the Family — 12 Comments

  1. Awww! My husband and I saw We are Marshall on our first date, so it’s a favorite for sure! I also love The Longest Yard – it cracks me up every time!

  2. I live in Alexandria and love Remember the Titans!

    However, HELLO, you forgot Jerry Maguire! The best/worst football movie ever 🙂

    • I’m originally from Falls Church, so it’s “home” for me as well.
      Yes, another good one, although kinda like Draft Day, too much drama and not enough action for our boys for Family Movie Night. 🙂

    • Our top picks do a good job of not being just about football, but balancing between the story of the game and the story of the people. In our house, I’m a bigger fan than my husband. 🙂

  3. Love all of those movies and Draft Day is an all time favorite of mine for sure!