How to Help Baby Birds That Fall Out of Their Nest — 2 Comments

  1. Oh! Thank goodness I found this article!
    I too thought the momma & daddy would abandon a chick that a human had touched. I have a nest of 5 barn swallow chicks in their nest this brood. I could see that one chick was hanging upside down by his leg or foot that was tangled the the nest materials. After reading the bold face in #1, I immediately went out on the balcony to scoop the chick that was hanging upside down back into the nest. One of the parents had swooped by a couple of times while the one baby was hanging upside down so I was certain there was no way the parents could help it. When I got up there I discovered another chick was sitting on the wood trim right beside the nest so I scooped him back in to the nest, too. Momma came by right after that with her catch to feed them. She paused for a moment on the edge of the nest while I held my breath watching thru the window. Then she swooped back out for more food. All 5 are once again lined up on the edge of nest waiting to their turn to feed.
    THANK YOU for sharing this!!