Our Little Mr. Fix-It — 8 Comments

  1. WOW – This life-long city girl is totally blown out of the water with the fact that your four year old knows how to use power tools and appears to be pretty skilled at that!! I still get nervous when my grown son picks one up – lol! Way to go Cowboy!

  2. Being a “country mouse” I was allowed to experience a whole lot of things sooner than my “city mouse” friends. It is amazing how much children desire to learn and help and we tend to “protect” them. Go, Cowboy!

    And…where are you from that you call a ridin’ mower a “ride-on”? That’s so funny! My hubby calls it that too. I thought it was just a Jersey thing!

    • I guess I never think about it, but since you ride-on the mower (vs a push mower) it just makes sense to me. The mower’s not riding anywhere–although I guess you’re riding the mower…My husband’s with you, by the way. He thinks I’m just talking goofy with my ride-on lawn mowers and my weed-wackers. 🙂

  3. What cute photos – I am blown away that your little man is doing that all by himself! I grew up in cow country, and we were all driving tractors by the time we were 10 and knew how to jump a car before I was 12!

    • It’s so hard for me to let go sometimes! I know Mr. Fix-It cares about their well-being too, but so many things on the farm just seem dangerous to me because they’re so unfamiliar. And involve so many moving parts! I tend to “step out” a lot when they have time with their Dad because otherwise I would be fussing and nagging them to death about being careful. I go find something else to do and let them be.

  4. First, I LOVE that you say “reckon”! It makes me wish I was back in South Carolina! Those pictures are gorgeous, I wish that we could offer our son possibilities like that to get his hands dirty but he’ll be that “city boy”!

    • Funny that you mention that word–I almost took it when when I was editing. I don’t say it often, but it does slip out on occasion. It’s definitely something I’ve picked up over the years from my hubby! 🙂

      I kept thinking about your post a little while ago about your husband taking your son to the park, and how it was so sweet that your husband took pictures for you. I was so happy that my husband thought to take pictures for me to see. And they were good pictures too!

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