Springtime Bustle — 10 Comments

  1. More kittnes??!?!?!?! I can’t believe it! So now you have baby sheep, and baby chicks and baby kittens to care for. How do you find the time being a full time mom, wife and employee?

    • Believe me, I can’t believe it either. I thought this issue was squared away once and for all! I thought for sure that dark one that is NOT ours had to be the male causing all this trouble. I knew ours were female and we had finally SNIPed them all. Show’s what I know.

      And find time for what? All I do is throw food at everyone and then run and hide in my bathroom before someone needs something else! πŸ™‚

      And we had a new set of twin lambs last night! Boys again. We’re more than 1/2 done now. Only 9 ewes left to go!

    • We have been waiting for about 3 weeks now–which is an eternity when you’re 4! They were a little bored by getting boxes of yellow chicks that grew into white meat chickens last summer. They’re also very excited that we got all different colors and that we get to “keep” them.

  2. On my drive home I pass a feed store and noticed the other day that they have a sign saying they have chicks. For one second I thought it would be nice to have my own eggs. Then I remember I have never had fresh eggs & maybe wouldn’t like them.

    Yep, that is how I talked myself out of that adventure.

    • Adventure is right! The first time we got baby chicks I didn’t know where to put them to be safe so I put them in a rubbermaid tote in our bathtub–I didn’t know that they would be able to fly out at 3 days old. Mr. Fix-It was not impressed with having to fish all the wood shavings out of the drain…but I sure am glad I married a plumber!

      Fresh eggs taste like store eggs–but better! πŸ™‚

  3. Believe it or not, it was my Mister who casually tossed a farm supply ad at me, saying Look – it is the begining of Chick’s Week! That is not on our project list for this year, although if I can get him out there to build a coop I may consider some late summer additions.

    I want the calico kitten on top of your heap. Can you send her along to Wisconsin? (The dark one she had her head on is kinda cute too.)

    We actually had a litter earlier this spring but their mom did not want to be a mom and, let’s just say, she took care of the problems herself. She is a great mouser.

    You had me laughing out loud at the rescuer story. Having done rescue for many many years, I have met many of those people you speak of. I prefer the offer to help route over the blast and blame route.

    I am really glad I found your blog. You are making my day.

    • We’ve done our share of rescuing too (my husband swears I put a sign out when he’s not around!) and I respect what they do (we certainly appreciate the SNIP van!) but sometimes I think they overcompensate in their zeal for helping. I usually just ignore the drama (yes, sometimes with a bit of facetious melodrama right back), but it does tend to get under my husband’s skin. He doesn’t like feeling guilty for trying to do the right thing.

      Having a farm seems to draw all sorts of sad cases to our door. I had no idea this would happen, but we’ve had people just knock on the door and basically forfeit their goats, sheep, and even a horse to us because “you have so much more room.” And I just love the way they finish their plead for help with “and we won’t charge you for her or anything.” Oh, thanks! πŸ™‚

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