A Mother of Boys — 8 Comments

  1. Oh what a beautiful post! You are so right. Our job is to be a mother. It’s not an easy job. But it’s a rewarding job. May we never forget the blessings in the midst of the strugglies.

    • I think sometimes we forget that we can actually enjoy what we’re in the middle of doing, rather than looking for a break from what we’re doing to enjoy ourselves. There will never be enough breaks to even out all the hard work that’s involved, so we might as well learn to love it!

  2. How cute! The picture of your boys in the same field is adorable. I started giggling when I pictured the ewe “out with the girls” or getting “mani/pedis”. I have to be thankful for how easy I have it.

    • We call them “the ladies” and joke about them going to “the salon” when we have to trim hooves or shear. 🙂

      Watching those lambs for those few minutes, watching them butt heads and bump shoulders and pal around out there just instantly struck me with memories of my own boys together. I remembered those pictures from last Fall when I was editing these and looked them up and sure enough, they were the same picture, same field, almost the same angle.

  3. I enjoyed the analogy. And it’s true, being a mother of boys is hard work sometimes, but it comes with some wonderful blessings as well. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Sometimes I think animals have it harder, and sometimes I think they have it easier. They can afford to have complete single-mindedness about something. We certainly can’t. But the Bible often uses animals in parables and analogy and the more I study ours the more I come to understand God’s Word with a depth and fullness I didn’t see before.

      And sometimes I think I just spend too much time in the barnyard! 🙂

  4. So true!! Admittedly I never compared myself to a sheep (or any livestock!!) but you are SO right! Now I can’t stop thinking how easy I have it compared to a Ewe.

    • Ha! Ha! Being around them all the time sometimes I can’t help but laugh at them and myself when I feel real empathy as some heavy pregnant cow “waddles” to the water bucket or some stressed out ewe gallops baaaaaaaing after her lambs frisking around crazy in the field. I guess some aspects of motherhood truly are universal! 🙂