Darn…I mean, BARN Cats — 12 Comments

  1. oh how ADORABLE! they are all soo sweet. i sure hope they will have perfect forever homes. kittens are too precious! mama cat has trusted you enough to keep her babies nearby. i tamed big daddy cat who was wild as a buck sheep. now he is a big fat baby!

    • I find it kind of ironic that she’ll come drop them off on the porch as if trusting us to watch them, but she won’t let us come to close to her without bolting. And she sure doesn’t hesitate to come to the food bowl, but she still won’t even let us pet her then–although now she just scoots away and waits for us to leave. She doesn’t ditch the food and race off across the yard anymore. Maybe we are making progress.

  2. Those kitties are adorable! We also have strays around our house and are working on befriending them. Thankfully our existing cats are helping to bridge the gap. 🙂

    • I just don’t know where they come from. We started with two, one left and one came that was friendly and we basically adopted, and then one day there were just more. They’re not friendly, but they stay. I guess because there’s food. Although we’re pretty strict about not overfeeding them so they won’t stop hunting–they are supposed to have a job here!

  3. They are adorable. I love kittens….until they grow into cranky cats who only want some love when THEY want it – not when I want to give it.


    • Ha! I caught one this weekend! Besides “ours” I’m down to the one momma cat and her kittens that doesn’t “belong” here. If I can catch her, we’ll probably have her spayed and let her stay. The kittens have a good chance of getting adopted, but she probably doesn’t being an adult and “wild.”

      But we’re not taking any chances having the kittens stay around and get wild and then keep having more kittens–especially if they have a chance to find a good home. As soon as I can catch her, we’re packing them up. I will miss the total cuteness, though!

  4. My mother’s neighbor caught the wild cat that just came and ate from her porch. We took it still in the live trap to the vet. I still don’t know how he got the cat out and sedated and neutered and back in the cage. Several years later, he’s still around and semi-tame.

    • I find it ironic that they’re willing to stick around for a meal and lounge around on our porch–as long as we’re not out there! 🙂 We enjoy the couple that we’ve spayed and that we consider “ours” –even though they really don’t belong to anyone. They bring a lot of character to the farmyard.

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