The Family That Works Together — 2 Comments

  1. That IS a good weekend 🙂 I am finally figuring out that it is good to have the girls outside and *helping* in their own ways. Sophie is learning her way around tools and it’s amazing how much she did to help Ken with our fence.

    You are a wonderful example for your kids – think off all that they are learning from you 🙂

    PS – this, my sweet friend, is homeschooling 🙂

  2. and we should enjoy this time while they are young because soon they reach an age where helping or being with their parents just isn’t any fun. My oldest (19) is always on the run with school, work and a small social life. My youngest (13), he is always trying to find a way back to his room to play with his legos! It is when they are small that these lessons should start. when they are older it isn’t always easy but necessary to keep the lessons going. ~sigh~ the good old days…