A New Momma on the Farm! — 14 Comments

  1. I’m homeschooled! I’m also only 12… I hope I someday read them to my kids.

    • And you’re already managing a blog for yourself? Way to go! What great experience you’ll have–I’m just getting the hang of this stuff at 32!

  2. The Little House books rock! I’ve read them over and over again.


    • Yeah, and now I’m reading my worn out copies to my kids and they’re loving them too! I’ve heard about whole homeschool unit studies based around the books.

  3. Hi! Found you on Farmgirl Friday. That calf is to cute! I just had 4 chicks hatch on my farm. Come check it out! How about Bambi or Fawn for a name? The color and the big ears remind me of a deer.


    • Thanks for stopping by! Your chicks are adorable–it’s awesome that you got to get pictures of them actually hatching!

      I’ve been kicking around the idea of Fawn too–because of the deer-look and because that was the name of one of Laura’s cow from the Little House books. 🙂

  4. what a super cutie! and tiny too! We had two “heifers” calve this year, not as tiny as yours but they are turning out to be good mother’s too. It’s amazing how the Lord orchastrates things. Name? hmmm….Olivia…?

    • Farming teaches you so much of what you can do, while also giving you constant lessons in what you CAN’T do–like deliver healthy babies to happy, competent mommas. It’s an amazing way to see His work every day!

      Our cows are little anyway, but she’s definitely “teacup” sized. 🙂 Smallest we’ve had.

    • Hmm…Chloe is good, but someone at the office just named their new baby that, so it feels a little funny to me.

      They are so adorable, aren’t they? I could watch her out there for hours.