Let’s Par-Tay! — 4 Comments

  1. Wow, that’s an impressive and fun looking kid’s party. Looks like not-so-little anymore Ladybug had a wonderful time with family and friends. I remember her as a cute little baby with huge blue eyes…I feel old. Happy Birthday to her.

  2. looks like everyone had a great time! My oldest stayed with my grandmother until she started school. Then she sent to an after school program until she was 13. The lady that ran that program until after my daughter was too old to attend, came to my daughters high school graduation last year with a memory book and tears in her eyes. My daughter was the first group of kids she had. No time does not slow down…cherish every minute!

  3. Such a sweet party- and it is so much fun to play in the rain, especially when it’s warm outside! I really like to musical pillow idea 🙂

    So glad that you had a great time and that she liked the camera – looking forward to more pictures 🙂

    • Yes, we had planned to play water games and water balloons, so all our guest already brought a change of clothes. We were able to roll with it pretty smoothly. My sister came up with the musical pillows. I thought it was brilliant. We’re definitely keeping that one in our repertoire! It would have been better outside with more room, but they laughed and had a good time, so it worked–and no one fell off a chair or broke anything! 🙂