Our Playhouse Barn — 5 Comments

  1. I love the barn – it’s great 🙂

    Our playroom {aka the Train Room} is in our basement, and the girls are down there quite a bit in the summer and fall. Right now the tile floors are too chilly for their little toes – and we can’t put carpet down because it’s the room that can flood.

  2. When I was little my older brother and younger sister shared one room with a bunk bed and a twin bed. Our play room was right next to it. It was the messiest room in the house… When we moved it was really hard to clean!

  3. Love it! My husband made an outdoor playhouse a few years back, too. Of course he has dreams of it being his hunting cabin one day, but for now it’s outfitted pretty well – curtains, furniture, rug, pictures on the walls. Children love it when they have miniature versions of adult things.

  4. When our oldest was small (she was the only child until age 13) she had a playroom. It was always a disaster! But it helped to keep her living space neater. When our family expanded (via adoption) we did not have space for a playroom. They each had their own things in their room and all the outdoor toys stayed in a big tub in the garage. As a child my sister and I also shared a room and had a play room. We were so spoiled by the grands that we had to have a room for all our stuff. (we are from poor, divorced parents to back then the grands really doted on us.) It was shameful really all that stuff we had.
    You are creating wonderful memories for your kids! I know you already know that! 😉 have a great day! We are on snow day number 2…

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