Bucket List for “Me Time” — 7 Comments

  1. UUUmmm, read! after my house work is done of course. I tend to really clean better when there aren’t teenagers constantly bickering, running through the house, or asking me a million questions. Then there is Grandma who is contantly asking what she can do to help…bless her heart! She is so board.

  2. Thankful you’ve had a bit of re-charge time. Most of your list is what would fill mine as well. My husband and I were given a weekend of babysitting to get away together and most enjoyable were the meals when I only had to cut my own food and got to eat it while it was hot!

  3. I dream about my children taking a vacation without me… but actually if truth be told I can’t stand being away from them for more than one day. Although I’m totally envious of your san children shopping trip 😉

  4. Kid free time?! What’s that??!

    As someone who wasn’t sure I wanted children, and then had to embark on QUITE the journey to arrive at motherhood I am with you 100%. I love my girls. They drive me insane at times {mostly when they are tired/overwhelmed} but I wouldn’t trade anything!!

    • Antiquing is always the first thing on our list if we’re flying kid-free. It’s the one thing that we just really struggle to enjoy if they are with us–although we do fit some in. It’s just such a strain to keep their little fingers in their pockets. 🙂 They try, but the temptation is great.