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  1. If we have all the answers, why would we ever call out to our God? There are many things I can relate to here. I would love to homeschool my kids. but then, I am called to first a helpmeet to my husband. He needs me to help him in this economy to support our family and farm. there are nights that I am a teacher when I come home from work each night. It is hard. Especially with our public school system teaching such weird things. I just have to trust the Lord to get us through. And my children will have the memories that mom loved them and cared enough to spend hours helping them. Does it count when we complain about it? Yes, our hearts are in the right place. Ladybug has a lot of strong quality. Just because she struggles with academics doesn’t mean she will fail. More than likely she is a “common sense” type gal. Remember too, the older they get the busier things are going to seem. Little time to enjoy the good things in life. We limited our kids to 2 activities per year. Our oldest played basketball in the fall and softball in the spring….the middle band and student council all year, and our youngest is taking up track in the spring….whew! God bless you and your family! Will keep praying for you!

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