Organizing a Smashbook Box…and More Journaling Pages — 8 Comments

  1. This is totally impressive… I used to scrapbook and such but have lost the drive as my life gets busier with kids schedules… hoping to get back to it, as I still collect tons of materials to use! Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks!


    • I’ve always felt a little overwhelmed by traditional scrapbooking. I’ve tried and tried it and this method just really resonates with me and work for my limited time. I can easily work in the living room for an hour in the evening while watching TV with the hubs (I’m not a big TV person so I don’t have much trouble blocking it out.) or leave it out and do a piece here and there throughout the weekend in between chores.

    • I like the project life idea although I haven’t tried it. It seems a little quicker and simpler than traditional scrapbook styles too. I enjoy seeing your pages–you’re very disciplined about getting them done! 🙂

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