Everyone Looks Good…the Daily Farm Adventures {57} — 2 Comments

  1. We just got milk goats two months ago and have been gone once in that time. I made a quilt for the girl that stayed at our house. But I am curious how you reimburse them for their time? I have heard from someone around here that $30 per day plus they get to keep the eggs and milk. I think that is a lot so what do you think.

    Advice needed.


    • Hmm…I guess it depends on what the circumstances are. Our farm-sitters are local so they don’t actually STAY at the house, they just come a few times a day. I think $30 a day for basically two hours of work (and I’m also providing all the feed and tools) is a little steep. And this might sound silly, but the work is fun and rewarding for the sitter too. I would think a barter (like a beautiful handmade quilt!) would be more than fair! If we pay any cash, I would look at something more like $10/day plus eggs and garden produce if they wanted to harvest. Watching our place in the summer for a few days could be managed by any reasonably responsible 10 year old that can follow a checklist.

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