When Things Change…the Daily Farm Adventures {55} — 5 Comments

  1. Life comes with many changes, and what we can always count on is with every change comes a chance for a new opportunity. We too have changes on the horizon and we are learning to just take one day at a time and keep putting our faith in the Lord, he will guide us on our way.

    • You’re very right! I’m blessed that my husband handles change much better than I do and helps set a good example for the kiddos. It’s just on to the next adventure for him. I struggle with letting things go to take on something new or different. But farm life is constantly changing. Constantly an experiment in letting go and taking on and letting go and moving on.

  2. Life on a farm is tough – including what it means for each of us in time and money. This year we added projects – but I don’t know if some of them will make it or if the added work is worth it. We might not do some of them next year. Good luck with your endeavors – if God leads the way, you know that the journey will be blessed!

    • Yes, I hope that some changes in our current routine will allow us to try some new things or explore different opportunities. There’s just SO MUCH to see and do and try and learn in this homesteading life. But we definitely need to focus on the BEST, not just the GOOD.

  3. I will be praying for you and your family. We are also in the process of making some decisions. They are never easy to do. Just keep praying and listening to God!