Some Hard Won Sewing Wisdom — 10 Comments

  1. I have found that patterns are just like everything else…you get what you pay for. And, definitely some patterns are easier to understand than others. You’re right…the 1 hour ones are just a marketing gimmick!

    Your tips are really good because we ALL go through the same trials in our quest to be a halfway decent sewer!

    • It’s like learning a whole new language–even when it’s in English! I’m excited about how some of my things are turning out–but I’ve probably taken as many stitches out as I’ve put in to get there! 🙂

  2. OMG – I’m sitting here with tears in my ears from laughing so hard, reading your post. Jamie — seriously, my stomach hurts from laughing. It’s brought back so many memories of when I was just learing to sew. It does get easier as you go along, I promise. And you learn what tricks and shortcuts work best for you and your machine. Keep your sense of humor, it will definitely help!

  3. Very funny and true post! it has been a while since I’ve sewn something, but it brings back some memories! Elastic still scares me. I never could figure out just HOW to work with it!

    Lord willing, we will be pulling out our long-forgotten machine soon so my daughters and I can do some sewing! Maybe I will get brave an tackle elastic!

    I haven’t had any experience with those type of patterns, but am very sorry you had to! I will keep my eye our for those kind!

  4. funny:) one way you can do the elastic thing is to:
    1. measure the size of the elastic you need.
    2. set your machine to stretch zig-zag stitch. (if you don’t have that on your machine, i can’t help you:( i’ll tell you what it looks like. instead of being a zig-zag stitch that is one stitch one way and one stitch the other, it is made up of about 3 stitches in one direction and 3 in the other.)
    3. anchor your elastic at the beginning point and stretch it while you stitch. in order to have the stretch be even, pin elastic at each end. fold in 1/2 and match to 1/2 way point on the fabric and pin. do the same with the 1/4 points between those markings. then as you sew, hold at the 1/4 point and stretch until the elastic is flat w fabric. stitch w stretch zig-zag stitch. going slow is fine! plug along 1/4 the distance until you are done.
    4. viola’! you have your stretch elastic in…and it shouldn’t roll.
    you could buy the non-roll elastic 🙂 i know this is a long time after the fact, but hope it helps:) m

    • This is awesome–thanks! I’m printing it out to stick with my sewing machine manual. I’m pretty sure I do have a stretch zig-zag stitch, although I haven’t used it yet.

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