Batty For You…Sewing Stuffed Bats Wednesday Windings 06/22/2011 — 6 Comments

  1. Oh, they are fantastic bats!!!! You did a GREAT job!!

    A snake should be even easier! I have enough pictures for you to look at to get an idea 🙂 You have to try to make one!!!

  2. Wow…great bats. The last line of your post STILL has me giggling! Can’t wait to hear/see how the snakes turn out!

  3. Those are wonderful! Look at you having extra fleece and felt and stuffing handy. I would have needed to run to the store for those supplies 🙂 How fun! What are you going to do with them after VBS??!

    And yes – you are an AWESOME momma!

    • Mr. Fix-It finds it a little overwhelming, but I’ve taken to trying to save just about everything! I ran out of leftover stuffing on my last snake, so I had to stuff it with leftover fleece scraps! Ha! Ha!

      And I have no idea what we’re going to do with them after VBS. I think I might collect them back up and store them for another year. You never know what might come up. Of course, the boys have already started turning the bats on their sides and flinging them at each other like ninja stars!

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