Field Gazing and Deer in the Soybeans — 4 Comments

  1. Our kids react the same way. Even though the deer and turkey come around each morning and evening they act as if they have NEVER seen them before. I am so glad it is type of thing and not drug deals or shootings that my kids have to witness.
    My sunflowers haven’t bloomed yet…:(

    • Isn’t that the truth!

      We thought our sunflowers would never come up, but they’ve really taken off the last couple weeks with the rain we’ve gotten. I guess some good comes from summer thunderstorms! 🙂

  2. We have lots of wildlife here – and the girls get excited over the birds that grace our yard. The past few days I’ve had to explain to Sophie why birds poop while flying. Always a fun conversation to have!!

    Loved the project, by the way!!

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