Organizing Kid Craft Supplies…Wednesday Windings 07/13/2011 — 7 Comments

  1. We have a small closet that I try to corral all the extra craft supplies in. At the moment both Sophie and Bella have control of their desk, so all three drawers are crammed with crayons, markers, color books and paper to create. It’s not my fav system – but it works for right now, which means it works for me 🙂

    • “Works for mom” is the most important! That’s what I love about their project bags too–they can shove whatever mess they want in there and it’s contained and I don’t have to fuss about it. I’m a messy-creative too, so I understand the chaos. 🙂

  2. I haven’t found a good system for Wesley yet. His stuff is scattered everywhere! He has a wipe box full of crayons and a pencil box like your gang for his markers, but the new ones he got are “missing.” I tried putting all his coloring books, water colors, extra crayons and special projects from his Aunt “Net” in what was my old desk in his room, but he never uses it, so I guess it’s pointless. It’s organized in my head. I just haven’t figured out how to keep it under control. Right now the only thing I really supervise is the play doh and the stamping.

    • We’ve had one or two writing on the wall incidents (thank goodness for Magic Erasers!), so we have a pretty strict rule about writing utensils being allowed only at the kitchen table. It’s fun that they’re all up there working and I’m back and forth from the ironing board to my sewing machine checking in on them and they get to show me all their progress.

      We haven’t figured out the desk situation yet. We don’t really have room for 3 desks in our house, so they use the dining room table. We have a table upstairs too, but they’re not allowed to take art supplies upstairs right now.

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