Another First Day of School — 8 Comments

  1. OH my goodness! They are so sweet! I agree with every thing you said! I wish I could shelter mine as much! we have not private schools for our kids to attend and I have to work so I can not home school. But we are teaching our kids as you have. They don’t have cell phones (the 13 and 15 year olds). Our oldest is 19…she travels for college… But I encourage my kids to do their research in books not online. Keep on Keepin’ on. You are doing a wonderful job! God bless you and keep you strong!

    • I don’t think technology is bad in and of itself. But I think people forget that it doesn’t replace knowledge and discernment! Just because your child is old enough to dial a cell phone, doesn’t mean they’re old enough to know when to use and and when not to use it, or how to use it appropriately or in an emergency. They still have to be taught, guided, and corrected in the behaviors of using technology as a tool.

      I have to say, my recent flat tire brought this home to me again. I called my husband (over an hour away) and AAA and waited for their help for almost 3 hours! If I hadn’t had a cell phone to call them, I would have walked into a nearby building and asked for help and probably got out of there in half the time. It made me feel self-sufficient when I really wasn’t, and I was depending on it more than my own good sense.

  2. Jamie, you and your children are such an encouragement to me! I am very thankful to have you guys in my life! I don’t know what I would do without the kids….I look forward to them EVERY day!!!

  3. {{hugs}} sweet friend!!

    They look so grown up- and I love the uniforms!!

    That might be the best argument for socialization that I’ve come across – and we’ve been getting some flack on it these weeks.

    Great post 🙂

    • Thanks for the hugs–it’s so hard to let them go (over and over and over again! 🙂 ).

      I didn’t become interested in homeschooling until we knew some people that did it and saw their “co-ops” and field trips and stuff, so the socialization argument never occurred to me, personally. Our first “experiences” with homeschooling proved that it wasn’t true at all. But the more I read, the more I heard about this socialization concern and when we started talking to non-homeschool families about homeschooling, then we started hearing it. I was surprised! I think it comes from not knowing how it really works. Not understanding how “real-life” based homeschooling is. People think you sit in your home all day long like you sit in a classroom all day long (hmmm, something to think about there?) and don’ t go anywhere else. But if you homeschool, then the whole wide world is your classroom!

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