Scrapbooking My Cowboy…Wednesday Windings 05/11/2011 — 5 Comments

  1. Awe – those photos are so sweet 🙂 I scrapbooked today and had a wonderful time remembering moments that are captured. I am a chronological scrapper, so all of my girls baby pics are done. Until the next one comes, that is!!

    I struggle with titles! I feel like I name all my pages the same. I journal with an ultra fine point pen which helps my messy writing look almos pretty!

    • If I had to go back and try to catch up chronologically I would just give up! I’m almost 7 years behind, and that’s just on the kids! 🙂

      I struggle with titles too! They all seem so…cliche. Do you use a scrapbooking specific pen? I have a couple ultra-fine sharpies, but they seem to have split at the ends and I get that double line look. I might just go back to ball point. I feel like my handwriting ruins the page by the time I’m done and I just keep telling myself that one day my kids will treasure it like I treasure all the notes and cards my mom wrote to me.

  2. Your article made me cry, it is so beautiful to read how you felt at that time in your life and how immersing yourself in your hobby brought you through it. My scrapbooking does it for me to. I scrapbook my grandkids and I am filled with love every time I am going through these photos. Thanks for sharing and may all your days be filled with love.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I must admit, I find scrapbooking to be a very healing hobby. It’s fun and it’s beautiful and it’s creative, but it’s also very therapeutic for me. It’s a lot like writing for me–a way to get the feelings out!

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